The key component of the development program of the Collective System REWARDING RECYCLING is citizens’ Information and Sensitization Programs.

The Collective System REWARDING RECYCLING primordial advantage, as regards the remarkably significant participation of citizens in the recycling procedure, is the ongoing communication channel with consumers by means of the technological potential of the high technology equipment.

As a result, REWARDING RECYCLING has converted the recycling procedure into a two-way communication process with citizens where, in a clean and attractive space, citizens satisfy their needs and desires through a procedure where everybody is gaining something, actively contributing to environmental protection.

 Information and Sensitization Programs objectives
 Information and Sensitization Programs
 Big Events and Big Recycling Competitions
 Proclaim Recycling Ambassadors
 Local Events and Recycling Competitions
 Distribution of Information brochures
 Distribution and Promotion of electronic information material
 Recycling Call Line
 Other actions